Cosmetic Dentistry Prescribes Confidence in Tuckahoe, NY

From professional to social situations, the power of a great smile can have a meaningful and lasting effect on your life. A positive first impression cannot be overstated, and modern dentistry is constantly evolving to make that happen for everyone. Confidence should by no means be restricted to a person’s appearance, but the impact of a bright smile can be priceless. 

Most of us look in the mirror every day and see something that we’d like to change about our teeth. Perhaps you have a slight overbite, maybe a small gap between your front incisors, or merely several discolored teeth that could use a serious whitening. Whatever the case, a good cosmetic dentist can help! The most important thing to note about cosmetic dentistry is that it isn’t just about improving your looks—it can help strengthen and protect your teeth and gums, too. 

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What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Involve?

Once you determine that you are interested in improving the appearance and health of your smile, it’s a good idea to fully explore and understand your options. While a great dentist may help a patient choose the best course of action to treat and prevent basic dental problems, a cosmetic dentist specializes in correcting both anatomical and aesthetic issues that could be causing those problems. 

Typically, cosmetic dental care involves: 

  • Whitening, bonding dental material to gums (veneers and laminates), replacing or repairing teeth (caps, crowns), and gum grafts. Tooth straightening (orthodontics) is a popular and extremely common choice.
  • For more complex dental issues tooth and gum removal (enameloplasty, gingivectomy) may be required. Modern advances in dental technology have proven incredibly effective in enhancing tooth enamel, gum health, bite alignment, and much more.

There are many ways to improve the appearance and longevity of your teeth. From basic color correction to tooth removal or enhancement, cosmetic dentistry can drastically alter the physical beauty of any smile. Whatever the condition of your teeth, a cosmetic dentist has the tools and ability to help you gain the smile you’ve always wanted. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can be considered an art and a science. Most often, people turn to cosmetic dentistry to align and brighten their teeth, but that is not all. Dentists can offer smile enhancement, restore or repair damaged teeth, and perform a plethora of maintenance treatments to achieve optimal dental health. 

In the long term, a polished smile can lead to a better self-image and confidence, as well as help treat and maintain your overall health and wellbeing. This is why a good cosmetic dentist is both an artist and scientist. By rebuilding, restructuring, and revitalizing weakened teeth and enamel, a cosmetic dentist isn’t just providing a means to bolster a patient’s confidence but also guaranteeing that the patient’s oral health is paramount. 

Who is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For?

If you’ve ever hesitated when you smiled or try to hide your teeth when you laugh, cosmetic dentistry might be right for you! The correlation between a positive self-image and the health and beauty of one’s teeth may surprise you. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) tabulated responses from over 300 dental professionals across the country in a recent survey, revealing a variety of reasons patients sought a cosmetic dentist. Of those patients, 86 percent wished to improve their appearance. Slightly over half surveyed were preparing for some important event (e.g., a wedding). Lastly, some patients required treatment for restorative or health reasons—for instance, they might have suffered injuries or needed restoration of previous work.

With all the technological and aesthetic advances in cosmetic dentistry, it is no wonder that it is so popular. A good cosmetic dentist goes further than just shaping and beautifying your teeth. First and foremost, they are treating and protecting your dental health, often restoring a patient’s self-confidence in the process. First impressions are important and there is nothing quite like the power and magnetism of a glowing, healthy smile. 

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