Porcelain Dental Crowns in Tuckahoe, NY, for a Natural Smile

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At our office in Tuckahoe, NY, Dr. Joshua Davis and his Metro Dental team help patients with a wide variety of cosmetic and restorative dental services. One of our most common procedures is installing dental implants such as crowns to provide the strength and support needed to preserve a damaged tooth and restore its functionality. We prioritize informing our patients about their dental health options to avoid any unnecessary procedures, but if you need a porcelain dental crown, we provide outstanding service with high-quality materials.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Porcelain dental crowns are custom-made caps that fit over your natural teeth and mimic their appearance. We create these durable prosthetic devices based on your dental imprints and use them to cover the whole tooth as a permanent restoration solution. While dentists can create dental crowns using various materials, we use porcelain because it is strong and looks natural.

Most patients choose to place dental crowns to strengthen a damaged tooth rather than replace it. These dental implants can restore and protect teeth that have been weakened by:

  • Root canal procedures
  • Broken or large fillings
  • Unusual shape
  • Fractures and breaks
  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Improper bite alignment

With high-grade porcelain materials that accurately recreate the look and feel of natural teeth, dental crowns are also effective at addressing cosmetic concerns. Teeth that are noticeably discolored or misshapen benefit from dental crowns, giving them a more uniform appearance that matches your other teeth.

We often use dental crowns in conjunction with other dental services. Crowns can supplement other implants such as veneers and bridges while protecting teeth weakened by root canals or large fillings. If your tooth suffers from significant decay, we complete any removal or root canal procedures before placing your dental crown to prevent the problem from growing worse under the new porcelain cover.

Placing Your Dental Implants

We begin the process of installing your dental crown with an initial examination performed by Dr. Davis, during which we take X-rays of the affected tooth and surrounding area. After completing any other restorative measures, we will shape the surface of your tooth so that the crown fits properly and take impressions that we send to a special dental lab. This lab creates your long-term porcelain fixture in a custom process that matches its size, color, and shape with your other teeth.

You receive a temporary crown that protects your tooth during this two-week creation process. When you come in for your second appointment, we will remove the temporary crown and match the permanent fixture to your tooth, making any necessary final adjustments during the fitting process. Once we confirm that your dental crown is the right color and shape, we permanently cement it in place over your affected tooth.

The entire treatment process only requires a couple of visits to our office, plus a follow-up appointment to make sure that your dental crown meets your needs. Dr. Davis uses the latest technology, including local anesthesia, to make sure that your treatment is simple, effective, and comfortable. The procedure gives you a fully functional tooth prosthetic, and we give each patient special instructions to help them avoid damaging the new crown.

How to Maintain Your New Dental Crowns

With proper oral hygiene practices and careful care, dental crowns can last anywhere between five to 15 years. The tooth below your new crown is still susceptible to decay, so practicing regular flossing and brushing is just as important as it was before the procedure. Be sure to visit our office every four to six months for regular hygiene appointments and to keep all of your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Dental crowns often make teeth more sensitive to pressure, heat, and cold, so using special toothpaste and soft toothbrushes can reduce oral discomfort. You can also practice generally healthy dental habits such as avoiding sweets and soft drinks to keep your dental crowns clean and strong. 

Other forms of avoidable wear and tear can reduce the lifespan of dental crowns. Teeth grinding, clenching, and chewing hard objects like nails or ice will damage these prosthetics as porcelain can fracture or crack just like natural teeth.

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