Comprehensive Dental Services in Tuckahoe, NY

There is no mystery to the importance of a great smile. No matter the context or situation, from interpersonal relationships to professional interactions, the power of an individual’s smile cannot be overestimated. Nothing speaks to a person’s confidence quite like fresh clean breath and even, polished teeth. While it is true that some people may be born with seemingly perfect dental health, everyone needs a good dentist now and then.

Healthy teeth and gums aren’t just about confidence and self-image, however. While it is true that every human being may look in the mirror and see room for improvement, many factors regarding your enamel, teeth, and gums could impact your overall health and wellbeing. The most important thing to note about modern dentistry is that proper oral care can treat and prevent any dental problems while helping you maintain a healthier, happier life.

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Do I Need a Dentist?

Everyone needs a dentist, even the lucky few born with seemingly perfect teeth. Aside from the occasional cavity or toothache, a prospective patient might have an accident resulting in missing or loosened teeth or bite into a seed that may chip or crack their enamel. Things can happen! Whatever the case may be, good dental care is just as important to our overall health as a healthy heart and lungs. For example, did you know that complications from gingivitis and other oral diseases can cause infections that may impact your cardiovascular system? While we may not immediately see problems with our oral health, that doesn’t mean some might not be present. In dentistry, as in all things, smart maintenance is wise prevention.

Typically, a general dentist is responsible for:

  •       Examinations (initial, emergency, periodic, periodontal, oral cancer)
  •       X-Rays
  •       Treatment plans
  •       Dental fillings and bonding
  •       Porcelain crowns, bridges, and dental veneers
  •       Gum procedures
  •       Dental implants
  •       Bone grafts and tooth extractions
  •       Invisalign and other tooth straighteners
  •       Teeth whitening
  •       Sealants and other tooth decay prevention
  •       Partial or full dentures
  •       Root canal treatment
  •       Temporary dental fillings
  •       Pediatric dentistry
  •       Emergency dental care

The first step to knowing what treatments and options are available to correct or improve your dental health is to make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. A dentist will encourage incoming patients to receive a comprehensive dental exam, which will include an oral examination and X-rays. Once your dentist has properly identified any issues with your teeth and gums, they’ll help you select the oral treatment and maintenance plan that is right for you.

Benefits of Modern Dentistry

Once upon a time, people with a toothache would pay a barber a few pennies to identify and treat problematic teeth. Without technology or any advanced anatomical understanding, you can see how problematic this could be. Modern dentistry has come a long way from that barber’s chair. Today’s dentists are board-certified physicians with the accreditation to practice in the highly advanced science of dentistry. According to the American Dental Association, there are over 200,000 licensed and certified dentists working in the United States, and 15,000 of these operate in New York State. Now is a great time to find a dentist near you and prioritize your oral health.

Only a licensed, professional dentist will possess the education and technology necessary to appropriately address and diagnose dental problems, repair or restore damaged teeth, and prepare or prescribe treatment for major and minor dental issues. Proper oral care is more than just a means to achieve a beautiful smile; it is also a vital component for optimal health and wellness. This is why a good dentist is every bit as important as your general physician and should be high on your list of priorities. While no one has a crystal ball to read what the future holds, everyone knows good health is always a wise personal investment. Odds are, if you don’t know whether you need to see a dentist, you likely do. Take the mystery out of your wellness plan and make an appointment with a local dentist today.

Why wait for a great smile?

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