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The Metro Dental team provides emergency dental care in Tuckahoe, NY. We take dental emergencies seriously and offer treatment for broken teeth, lost teeth, and other emergencies. You can get the help you need right in our dental office in the event of a dental emergency.

Turn To an Emergency Dentist for Your Care

Unsure where to turn for help during a dental emergency? Make sure that you reach out to an emergency dentist to get the assistance you need. Unfortunately, going to an emergency room often results in expensive bills and a long wait only to get turned away.

Most emergency rooms are not set up to handle emergency dental care in Tuckahoe, NY. They may give you antibiotics if they believe you have an infection; however, they will most likely tell you to call a dentist and then send you on your way.

Get effective help more quickly with the high-quality dental care offered by Metro Dental.

When To Visit an Emergency Dentist

Are you wondering if you should go to an emergency dentist right away or schedule an appointment during normal office hours? We can help you decide if you need emergency services or if you are safe to wait a day or two for dental treatment.

Generally, you should seek immediate dental care if you:

  • Broke a tooth
  • Lost a tooth
  • Have a toothache
  • Have gum bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Have a locked jaw

However, if you chipped your tooth and didn’t feel any pain, you likely don’t need to make an emergency visit. Likewise, minor tooth sensitivity often doesn’t require a call to the emergency dentist.

Feel free to contact us if you are unsure whether you should come in for a visit and allow us to provide you with personalized answers to any dental emergency.

We Treat All Dental Emergencies in Tuckahoe

Our dental service stands ready to provide emergency dental care in Tuckahoe, NY. We can treat common dental emergencies such as those listed below.

Losing a Tooth

Did you lose a tooth in a traumatic injury? If so, it’s recommended that you seek emergency treatment within 30 minutes. If possible, find your tooth and bring it along. Make sure you only touch the crown of the tooth, avoiding the tooth’s root.

Make sure your tooth stays moist until you get to the dentist. You can keep the tooth tucked in your cheek or even place it back in the socket if possible. Other options include placing the tooth in a container with milk or your own saliva. Your emergency dentist will work to put your tooth back in properly.

Breaking a Tooth

We are here to help no matter how you break a tooth. Contact us right away if you broke your tooth while eating something hard or trying to open something with your teeth. We also offer treatment for cracked or chipped teeth, but these issues usually don’t require emergency care.

Developing an Infection

It’s important to treat all infections seriously here. For example, advanced oral infections may lead to the loss of your teeth. Infection may also spread to different organs in your body if you do not receive treatment and appropriate medications.

Noticing an Abscess

Are you feeling sudden and severe pain from a tooth or along your gums? Often, this indicates the presence of an abscess. Infections often form these pockets, and you should treat them as an emergency. Dentists can drain your abscess before prescribing medications to help with pain and infection.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

While the team at Metro Dental handles dental emergencies, we’re also here to help you prevent emergencies by offering preventative dental care. Regular dental treatments and cleaning act to protect the health of your gums and teeth.

We offer twice-yearly visits for the maintenance of your dental health. Our team treats patients of all ages, which means we’re here to help all members of your family. We’ll keep an eye on any potential issues with your dental health, such as indications of developing gingivitis or potential cavities.

Get Emergency Dental Care in Tuckahoe, NY

Don’t wait to get treatment if you are dealing with a serious dental issue—contact Metro Dental now and secure emergency dental care in Tuckahoe, NY. Reach us by calling (914) 533-4200. We’ll treat you quickly and help you recover from your injuries.