The Importance of Dental Retainers in Tuckahoe, NY

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Why do you need retainers? You’ve already finished your orthodontic treatment, so why replace your old dental device with a new one? Remember that orthodontic care is an investment towards a lifelong smile, and now that you’ve taken the time, money, and effort to acquire it, it’s time to retain it!

At Metro Dental, we want to provide you with the most comfortable and effective dental retainers in Tuckahoe, NY, to keep your smile straight for decades to come.

What Is a Retainer?

After your brackets or aligners come off, your teeth will slowly move back to their original position over time. We apply custom-made retainers to keep your teeth in place and protect all your hard work.

We make sure to provide the right kind of retainer that matches the patient’s needs. The most common types are Hawley retainers, clear retainers, and fixed retainers.

Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers are devices made from wire and acrylic or plastic. They perfectly fit the contour of the patient’s mouth and are durable, reliable, and effective but very visible.

Clear Retainers

While a bit less durable, clear retainers are much more discreet. If you have to wear your retainer during the day, this might be a good option for you.

Fixed Retainers

Also known as permanent retainers, dentists attach these devices to the back of the patient’s teeth. These retainers are discreet, durable, and you don’t have to take them on and off each day.

What Do You Get From Wearing Retainers?

As time goes on, wearing your retainer day by day might start to feel like a nuisance. Our team at Metro Dental understands, but we also know how crucial the retainers are in preserving the results of your orthodontic treatment.

To help renew your enthusiasm, here are some of the biggest advantages of diligently wearing your dental retainers in Tuckahoe, NY.

Orthodontic Maintenance

Even after finishing orthodontic treatment, your teeth will want to move back to their original position. For the first few months, you need to wear your retainer for most of the day. When your teeth finally settle, you will only have to keep your retainer on while you sleep.

Tongue Thrust Prevention

Some people tend to thrust their tongues forward while talking, swallowing, or even when idle. If you have this habit, it can push your teeth forward and ruin your perfectly straight smile. We provide custom retainer solutions to hold your teeth in place.

Jaw Clench Prevention

Some of our orthodontic services, including Invisalign, have a temporary side effect of jaw clenching. This response happens to a few patients when their mouth is still adapting to its new layout.

If you’re experiencing this symptom, our dentists can design your retainer in a way that discourages clenching and avoids problems like teeth grinding and headaches.

Oral Health Protection

Straight teeth are much easier to clean and less prone to plaque buildup. By wearing a retainer, you’re not just maintaining a straight smile but also a healthy one that’s resistant to disease and decay.

General Care Tips for Your Retainer

We recommend following these care tips if you want to maintain your removable retainer’s effectiveness:

  • Clean your retainer regularly by scrubbing it with a toothbrush and water after every use.
  • Avoid extreme heat on your retainer because it can cause warping and crack.
  • Soak your retainer every two weeks in the denture cleaning solution.
  • Be careful when you put on and take off your retainer.
  • Brush your teeth and gums before and after wearing your retainer.

If you have a fixed retainer, then you simply have to maintain good oral hygiene and brush it as you would your regular teeth.

Retainers Might Be Small, but They Make a Big Difference

Retainers are fantastic dental appliances that can help you keep your beautiful smile for the rest of your life. You’ve already invested a year or two of your life getting your teeth straight. So why risk undoing all of your hard work?

Our experienced team at Metro Dental will always recommend treating your dental retainers in Tuckahoe, NY, with care. Over time, you won’t have to wear them as often, and they will become a part of your daily routine.

If you want your current retainer examined or need to be fitter for a new one, call our dental office at 914-533-4200 to schedule your appointment!

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